Let me tell you this.

real quick. not a thought out post.

(laughing at the suggestion that what you and i think are thought-out posts ACTUALLY ARE)

My car broke down today, like shudders of giant metal corpse break-down. pull over. cell phone working call for tow, call garage. all set. call to be sure roommate will be there for the bus if i am not back in six hours. all set.


garage had two cancellations today, so is already working on it. my kid who was home sick this morning as a faker, asked to go back to school and was dropped off minutes before the carshudderdeath thing.

my mother is working at a church fair 10 minutes from the garage so just gave me a lift home.

the place where the car broke down was a really fucking beautiful spot in my town that i’ve never fully appreciated.

the tow truck driver was silent. and we drove the back roads through the town I grew up in and i almost cried.

the garage i ended at washes your windows when they pump your gas.  i very clearly remember being in the car with my parents while dennis or manny washed the windows.  30 years later, still happening. . .

in the waiting room of the garage, the television was playing New England Cable News, called NECN, which seems to play local news, but its really 5 states worth, but we have so much in common, in spite of what they tell us… and it made me miss my grandmother like crazycakes. because i’d watch local news with her any day.

all these things.  and this:

life is fucking seamless.

even if we don’t fucking realize it is.


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