oVER A month?!

Its been over a month since my last post. I’d apologize but its been out of my control because my brain has been entirely on strike.

My friends, do you know what a demogorgon is? Its a thing from greek mythology really but has been popularized on the Stranger Things series. It’s a monster. A monster.

It is what my brain has been like this month. Just flayed, spread out and incapable. (looks like a flower, but carries a whole lot of teeth) while my body does all the things necessary: kids are mostly fed, laundry is done and even folded, sports are attended, jobs are attended, my brain has been uninvolved.

dandelion flower head on a pink background
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its spring, the things are growing, the work is much more, the chickens are big now, the graduation is looming, there is a man in town who is dear and domestic and sexy, and all the things that are exploding my brain and that i talk a lot to my therapist about, are having me walk around in a bit of a daze.

i’ve been sashaying my way around the place, not knowing which way i’m going, not knowing anything but what is on the sport schedule for the day and if i need to provide food. thats it, thats the sum total of my brain’s abilities. still with the sashay.

some might call it a drunken stagger. but whatever.

I’m laughing. mostly. sigh.

still sashaying.

swing it, girls.


2 thoughts on “oVER A month?!”

  1. April was a beast of a month! Still…it sounds like you got through just fine. I say “swing it like a dead cat!” LOL

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