When all is lost, make a love list.

This is what I love.

  1. metaphors.
  2. the wind. how tricky it is. from breeze to gale. invisible, except for what it does. feel it in your bones. the rile.
  3. the word bones. how they are a building block and a nakedness all at once.
  4. makers, people who craft things from nothing. how does this happen? what sort of madness brings objects forth from paints, letters, strings? mad genius.
  5. the changeable nature of people. as much as i love color and wrap myself and my house in it, last week i purchased a bedding set that is navy blue. all navy blue. i am awash in the navy. it is an adjustment and i feel shock when i see the blank space in my room where color used to live. and i’m going for it. don’t know what made me do it, but i’m going to ride the navy, baby. (apologies to the armed services and… my gift for laughing innuendo is freaking unstoppable.)
  6. the way hot tea warms your chest like nothing else. from the inside out.
  7. hoodies. i think its genius that there is a hat and a neck covering sewn into a sweatshirt. really now. come on.
  8. i love writing. i do. when there are the things i cannot share here, i have a place to go dump it, and i’m so glad, and sometimes i’m even impressed by what i find there. in the dump, the things that matter rise to the top… and its not always what you expect.

That’s all. A big fat eight. I’m smiling though, so its a big win.

love you.


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