December Wonder.

Might not make eleven today, because my brain is euphoric.

The prompt was to notice the wonder. (ala Cynthia..)

  1. waking up alone. i know many of you may not remember this joy anymore, but it is a joy. to stretch, to take one’s time in a roll out. i love it. the light feels different. (this is not to say that having kids in my bed is not lovely. or that i don’t love having a man there…) but man, i love waking up alone… the light is different, i usually sleep an hour or two longer, really, i do. not being responsible for saving the world (or my kids from fire or sickness or fear) is a good thing.
  2. i’m still delighted by the snowflakes and yes, i will probably make one trip out today to see if i can score some more. one set of the decorations were from etsy and someone cut and sewed these three dimensional paper snowflakes and i just can’t stand how smart and creative people are. so simple! and yes, unbelievably wondrous.
  3. quiet hope.
  4. being aware of some of my patterns. i am growing expectations of warmth and snuggle for tonight and my kids will be coming back from essentially ‘christmas’ and the overload of adrenalin and excitement and i need to be real about how they will be behaving and what they will want to do. i was thinking ‘sound of music’ but the reality may be ‘die hard’. (which would make me giddy with glee, but let’s pretend i am capitulating.)
  5. i love you guys, i really do. thank you so much for reading here. it fills me with joy on the regular. and we all need that feeling. what on earth or sky gives you that feeling? go find some of that, safely please. but go find some.

stay home, stay safe.

love you,


Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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