NOVEMBER NONO: TwentyFOUR. Grateful.

Yeah, yeah, a gratitude one.

  1. I guess I’m grateful that teenager’s moods flip on a quarter toss. Because the shit flies as fast as the good. Right? I guess. The way in which they need you even while hating you is a little bit soul-breaking.
  2. I think I’m grateful that there are so many blankets in this house. At least for this six month season of needing them to stave off winter chills. I am aware that I may be a hoarder of warmth-bringers.
  3. Its probably why I like men so much, and keep collecting them. Warmth-bringers. I am grateful for my flexibility and nonjudgmental ways with them. It can be fun, and yes, there are duds. But also diamonds.
  4. I am pretty grateful for my curious ways. I’ve learned a lot about myself every year this past decade, and its not always been smooth, and I’m still curious. More curious now than I was while I was married, but I’m less hurt now. When you’re wounded, you don’t look around in wonder.
  5. I’m amazed by my kids, on the daily, even when they are outraged by my saying no. Teenagery is a bitch, a real, flat-out bitch. I’m grateful, like I already said, that I can see the childlike behind the bitch.
  6. I’m grateful for color, it pulls me out of my inner mudmunch all the time. And still, my favorite thing is to stare at the cast-iron black at my feet and know that there is fire within. Always fire within.
  7. I’m incredibly grateful that in all this pandemic time, economics hasn’t been a stressor on me. Aware, yes but not a stressor. I cannot believe my luck and my gratitude is deep for the lawyers who have set this up.
  8. I’m grateful for the super goofiness that I’ve encouraged (created?) in my kids, because it saves us all, and me, in particular. I love it so much.
  9. I’m grateful that my vanity about myself is incredibly random, as almost everything about me is. It has enabled me to gloss over my discontent with certain things. Meaning, minute to minute I forget that I’ve gained so much weight this year. Then I remember, then I let it go, and it stays gone til I remember again. Its a miracle.
  10. I’m grateful for indoor plumbing and heating. The virus has not effected either, and I am inordinately glad.

Now you. Do yours.

5 thoughts on “NOVEMBER NONO: TwentyFOUR. Grateful.”

  1. Love you and your real ness and silly ness and intelligence and passion. And your hoarding of warm ness.

  2. I am grateful for the warmth of the sun when it appears, also for enveloping fog and misty days, my garden, a career that helped me grow as a person while sharing in the sorrows and mysteries in others’ lives, cooking in my kitchen on a chilly day with jazz, The Beatles, or The Mammas & The Papas accompanying, GOOD BOOKS!!!!, having Ed turn to me in his sleep and give me a hug when I crawl into bed, plus his warm body, for friends who care and make me laugh, for teachers who supported and encouraged me, for wherever my courage to take risks came from, for quietness, for reading with a fire going. Pick a day and the list wold have many more items on it.

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