NOVEMBER NONO: TwentyTHREE, loveletters

What do you love, my cheerios? What do you love?

  1. letters. I love cards and letters and packages, all. I love when the mailperson is bringing love and doesn’t even know it. A circular of joy. Junkjoy.
  2. thunderstorms. There is one going on here now, as I type. Oh my goodness, I love them. The thrill of uncertainty, the noise, the pound. BOOM. chills.
  3. making stuff. Its not even something I do that often anymore, but I do love it so. And I love watching other people do it, and I love thinking about the simplicity beneath all of it. How many crafts are just a variation of tying a knot? You know? Embroidery, knitting? I love it. Use your hands. Use them.
  4. funny people. OH HELLS YES.
  5. my dog. Honestly, I’ve been resisting loving him because there are so many people around me, but oh brother, I do. I love my dog. He’s a full-on reprobate.
  6. healthcare workers. The hospital doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, orderlies, cnas, all of them who have been working like this for eight months now, and are still trying to have lives outside of work. I’ll have a wierd week this week, but damnit, I wish I could send you the little resilience I have. You’re holding us all up right now.
  7. pam. I love my friend pam. She’s my bestie. She is a nurse in Wisconsin. So dig that. She’s number 6 and number 7, and also number 4. She’s shorter than me, too, and yet not a person with dwarfism, so she is rather amazing. She’s got a kid named Carter who draws a lot. I haven’t seen her in a long time. but man, she is good.
  8. first snowfalls. I may be getting repetitive in my lists, but seriously, a love list? again? How can there be too many? FIRST SNOWFALLS!! Everyone is thrilled, whether they have the wits to recognize it or not.
  9. darkness. Really, it is true, especially in winter, in storm. The storm is making it dark outside, dark in the corners of my kitchen. And in the darkness, the lights I’ve got sprinkled throughout the house are magical. And fierce.
  10. A friend sent me a bookplate for the book she wrote that I STILL cannot find anywhere. But this is what it said, “To Kate, fierce, funny and great. the internet is terrible but I am glad it brought me you.” Kerry Clare
    SO I SAY TO YOU ALL: I am glad it brought me you!!

3 thoughts on “NOVEMBER NONO: TwentyTHREE, loveletters”

  1. Hi Kate!! You will probably have to special order the book as it’s not widely in stores across the US but it IS available/distributed so booksellers will be able to get it! xo

  2. I love you. I love the nicknames you give me/us/the world. Truly the best. I love how you love. The end.

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