What brings you joy?

Today of all day I need to remember. And hold on to it in the days to come, when I close us all into the bunker. (i’m not entirely kidding but i don’t actually have a bunker. i’m too new england for that. i’ve heard it instead referred to as ‘rolling up the roads’… as in, closing them down… thats me, road closer, door slammer.)

  1. That I have a kid who likes glitter, sequins and shimmer and so it is more in my life than it might be otherwise. i love glitter. i don’t even care about the mess, i think it is a glorious mess, every time. Shimmer me silly.
  2. My cat sits and watches the birds in the bush for hours. Does she dream of capture or is she just fascinated by the quickness, the tiny-ness, the wings folded to body and flutter, flutter? if it weren’t for laundry, i might sit next to her.
  3. I’ve got a Tuesday writing group that is just four of us, used to be five (jenn!) but it is a tether to the world, for me. The world beyond mothering and all the labels that I put on and am sometimes suffocated by. Creative thought, emotion, wild admiration for other people, styles, lives. Its so simple and it’s a lifeline.
  4. Science. Yep, science brings me joy. I think of oceanographers, geologists, climatologists, virologists as a certain type of she-ro/hero and it thrills me to no end that there are such smart people in the world and they are currently working their collective asses off to try to save us all.
  5. So many people are voting. This is democracy on fire. I’m not saying anything else because this is a joy list not a panic and run to Canada list.
  6. The chimney that I look at from my writing spot, red brick, old, doing exactly what needs to be done. Keeping the air clear and carrying up and away the churn and billow. In my next life I want to be the chimney.  Or in this one, maybe.
  7. An empty dishwasher.
  8. Pad thai. Chicken pad thai. Madly.
  9. I love the silence of a beautiful snowfall. I love being in it, and then arriving home to watch it through a window. The whole of the world on pause.
  10. Supporting others. Really. If I can just give strong words of love and support to someone and see/hear/feel them being bolstered, it is a good time, and there is joy in the humanity of it.
  11. Pooft. I don’t know man. Hang in there, kids.

color. the girls experimenting this summer with chalk in water jugs at my saturday farm gig. joy.

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