Ads on the blog. . .

I just want you to know that I am 90 cents closer to financial independence because of the ads here on the blog.  I am so happy that I am bespoiling the words and colorscheme with the design and flash of an advertisement meant to manipulate you into feeling you need something.  you probably don’t need anything. really. you are a whole.

i need spatulas. seriously. both were broken in an attempt to ‘not’ call AAA because of keys locked in a car.  wasn’t even my car, but it was my driveway.

how much you want to bet that kitchenware starts to show up the ads?  really?  let me know if it does…

the ninety cents comes from people clicking on the ads.  evidently i don’t get paid for my space until the amount reaches 100 dollahs.  So, looks like I am going to keep my day job a little bit longer.

also, want to let you know that this week is kids vacation week, so i might not be here much, unless its a wild array of cuss words designed to throw the ad people into conniption.

its snowing here, just a teeny tiny bit, and i want it to be so SO much more.  I want to run the woodfire, and have the kids home, and make hot chocolate, and i haven’t had the opportunity all winter because fuck, global warming has melted the freaking ice caps and the weather is unstable.

i can’t believe we are actually living in it.

so, in summation

  • click on an ad but assess if you are needing or wanting or being manipulated.
  • Writers need spatulas.

spatulas, spatulas, spatulas…

shallow focus photography of assorted kitchen tool
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