sometimes i think i should have been a sex therapist.  i mean it… just a person who helps another to experience a frank, pleasurable activity, while delving into, and also healing whatever has caused the diffiulty.  because i love people and love is ultimately the best healer.  mostly when its directed at ourselves, and believed in.

sometimes i also think that i should have been a therapist for men who date online.  because there is a lot going on here. a whole lot.  some speed talkers, who text letter-long comments which show off a misunderstanding of intimacy, i think. … then there’s the guys who can barely text at all, and i envision very large fingers and tiny keys… who are also almost incommunicative in real life.

theres the photo gallery of men who think women want to know them by their fish-catching skills, or their car ownership abilities…. and you know, frankly, there probably are women who care about that stuff. i mean, i’ve heard that. 17 year olds in Wisconsin, for instance.

and i just want to help everybody out.  if i could just get a word in…

i wonder if i should raise my ‘ask me advice’ rates… and at least get my monthly fees for the dating service paid off… huh.

oh my god. i realized i removed that option. shitakes.


i’m putting it back.

listen, if anyone wants to get a handle on something, you just let me know.  i’ll not be working as a sex therapist, fyi. (guffaw-ing, chuckling and sneezing with my own hilarity…)

It should be in the upthere menu by the time i post this.  for real. and i raised my prices…

because i’m good. i really am.



try me.




2 thoughts on “NEED.”

  1. You can’t always judge a book by the cover. My texts can be long, and usually grammatically correct, my SO’s are not. Big hands, tiny keys indeed. He is the open communicator, while I am closed off. I know nothing of the online dating world. I met mine IRL, a true love story really, where the slut hooks up with the bouncer at the bar…well, eventually anyway. Mine would love to have the impressive fishing pictures, if only something impressive would bite. I am content to read my book in the sun, while he curses the bait stealing one who got away. He is also the most gentle, loving man to the children. The do-it-all Dad type, who never had kids. I was underwhelmed by his attempts to woo via text and social media, but, personally in person, he was exactly what my heart, my home, my family needed. Men show more of their hearts, and themselves in person. Online dating isn’t geared to show you who the person is. I can state with an arrogant level of confidence, that had I met him through the online dating profiles he had, that I had the pleasure of perusing and laughing hysterically at, while he deleted his accounts, I wouldn’t have given him the time of day. All those sites tell you, IF the picture is current and not edited, is if you might find the person physically attractive. They don’t give any kind of glimpse of who they really are.

    1. completely. and if i had any place or time where i was around men in any environment, it would be the way i went. and no one has the patience to go slow anymore, and i am not really a ‘go slow’ girl anyhow, but/and/so its all just a roulette. no bullets involved. hopefully . you look very content when i see your photos… glad the slut got the bartender!

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