Boating, messing about with boats…


I like to mess around with the algorithms a little bit. like, a post wherein boating is discussed ad nauseam and yet boating is not the topic whatsoever. Do you think it possible that I could draw masses of boating enthusiasts here without a single fact or thought process about boats? sailors maybe, but not the actual fiber-glass boat or dingy of my dreams. . . we’re rowers here, not motorheads… or they are, at least, my in-law family.  i love them to bits and pieces, fully and whole heartedly.

and it can twinge, sometimes, that they are separated from me by my ex. i don’t mean that he bars us from seeing one another or anything like that… its their love for him that is unwavering and my loss of love for him that is the bar. the separation.

moments of awkward, information passed accidentally, stories told of places i can no longer go.

sigh. bridges, unburnt but barred by time and experience.

and i would love to be gossiping to my mother in law about all my men.  she would love to hear facts about them… and i’d love for her to meet them, when i meet a good and fascinating one.  and, with the right attitude, they are all fascinating.

because people just ARE.


as fascinating as boat enthusiasts, i swear.

*cracking up. . .

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