Found objects

0918181531.jpgPlease note: i have edited ACTUAL mess out of this shelving unit. beneath and below, there are at least a half dozen paint cans and accoutrements of such.  A stinking hoolah of mess and scrap.

I have been making this ‘office space’ for myself and its really shaping up nicely, and i keep uncovering things that I have loved and…George, aside, I like sitting here at this desk…

I can keep an eye on George… he does make sudden moves but it is all the better to know exactly WHERE he is, at all times.  (George is my resident giant spider. He paralyzes me with his appearance.)

George aside… I keep finding old lists, old ‘things i want to do’ propositions… things i WANT… old notes I’ve written to myself… i found a ‘man jar’ full of slips I thought would make an ideal man… still waiting… but its definitely cool.  most of the time i have no memory of where its from or why i was doing it… and it is definitely a thing i would do with direction, not on my own… i might think it on my own, but i’m a ‘do my homework’ kind of kid, and would only write it down if someone else told me to…

and words like ‘purpose’ and ‘connection’ are all over the place, again and again.  and i’m so curious about who the hell i am… as if its somehow separate from the me that is observing.

maybe i need more medication?

*The first one might be a part of an old Hannah program.  sheesh, i love her. i do. she’s my friend, but i pay her, which is weird, and also good.

anyone can do it. you should go check her out, again, because I”ve talked about her twice, in two days. and thats a bit much.

might be a sign.  go, loves, and find Hannah



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