45 minutes

There’s an evil time period before my kids get home which is full of uselessness. And then they arrive, and its all yelling and shouting and avoiding homework. Its a whirlwind of ineffective and I can’t stand it .

i cannot bear it, i tell you.

today, in my malaise, i kept checking on a shirt i want to sell on instagram. like, over and over, and over.  Its cute, i want it to sell, because i like to know my things are going out into the world.  I want it to be loved. 0913181425

I like the mailman, although he is surly.  I appreciate and accept his surliness.  not as a challenge, but as a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie.  he’s the rhubarb.   without him, its just canned fruit and rot yer damn teefs. . .

sigh. its here. i’m in it. too short a time to run out and get something.  not enough going on on twitter. or anywhere. i bought a clock for my office and i am literally listening to it tick.

sigh. again.

i still don’t have a job.

I know that i will eventually. but nothing today.

I’m going to post this tomorrow morning, maybe by then i’ll have noticed all the things that ARE changing… and hope i get to see the surly one. . .




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