DUCKFUCK. (sorry)


everything is so streamlined these days… sightlines in houses, front to back, open open. in re-starting this blog, its all connected, posting/sharing/adding photos, its miles smoother than it was just 5 years ago. MILES.

and its so easy… and thats amazing… and i wonder if we’re becoming existentially lazy.

nobody ever gets lost anymore.

nobody ever talks anymore. adults, i mean. good god, the kids do talk… and argue…

in online dating, prospective men have to be explicit about not wanting a text relationship.  i’m assuming women do too..

I mean, is that actually a relationship? do people still believe that it is real intimacy, without the grippable reality of a person?

but there is just something really stilted and chopped about the ACTUAL communication that happens in text.  i can type fast and furiously, and communicate an entirely different thing than my intention.

my friend that i text the most has three kids too, and phonecalls are just not possible, so we text… but we have a secret code for when utter fuckups happen in text communications… DUCKFUCK.

if one of us types this, we know that all communication directly previous have undergone massive misunderstanding and we must release all offense and/or hurt or defensiveness or whatever because it just takes too long to explain the situation via text itself.

it works for us…

but what happened to me yesterday was this… a real life confrontation, a real life communication of anger. . . face-to-face… and i feel like fucking ROCKY.

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I think because I had written out so many of my angers, that when faced with the chance to offload, it was a necessity and a diarheal episode… but it was MOSTLY respectful and i feel like a hundred thousand dollars having gotten all of that out of my system and out of my house.


lets say DUCKFUCK to texting as a form of legitimate communication. it isn’t .  it really isn’t.


text me about that feeling tomorrow… 🙂


Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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