I spent most of the day at a soccer game in the most brilliantly beautiful warm fall day you could imagine. I mean, take the time to envision the greens against a blue sky, the shock of the sun against the reds, oranges, dark greens, yellows of the tree line.

The boys all in white, and red, running on the green.

Colorwise, I was blown into the stratosphere. Honestly.

And, it was an awesome game, fraught with peril and intrigue.

And, We Won. Which makes it all glimmer and sparkle like a damn tv commercial for main street, america. (think gilmore girls town center at christmas, babes)

Stars Hollow, I believe.

I may have watched too much of that show at one point. I left when Rory hit the skids and went for the rich guy. I hated that guy. Sigh.

Anyhow. My sister and her love were there, my mom and all my kids. My old father in law was hidden elsewhere but was there with his daughter. It was the most beautiful day.

Today we have a birthday party at a trampoline place that I am mildly dreading, and hosting. The noise of the place, the exhaustion of socializing when masked. If I sit down and read a book, with headphones on, do you think people will judge me?

My daughter will judge me.


Fuck. I need a cigarette. Do you think the trampoline park will mind if i smoke?

(i’m not going to smoke. its been over a month now. yeah baby.)


I’m hoping to write more interesting things this coming week, now that I have some days empty, in a row, even. My projects are winding down and after Monday will be primarily finish work on both.

We will see.

So for today, just a tiny bit of whats going on here. today. yesterday.

you got me, i know.


Sigh. The photos can’t capture it. Shocking color yesterday. literally shocking the system.

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  1. Congratulations on reaching one month of not smoking. Not easy, but no doubt worth it.
    Quite an accomplishment.

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