Eddie, the dog.

I don’t totally get my dog. I mean, there is much mystery in our relationship.

He’s pitch black with some grey on his chin and some white patches on his chest. When I photograph him, there is just a large chunk of black on the background, no details of his face can be seen.

And, the kid is nervous. I think. I mean, he literally follows me around the house. I just went upstairs to put curtains up to protect my kid’s room from the sun. He follows, falls asleep on the floor. I return downstairs, so does he.

Right now he is staring at me, wanting to go outside. The door happens to be open. He can go, but needs me to walk him to the door. What? He can run free around the yard whenever he wants but if I head inside, he acts like I’m leaving him forever. FOREVER. He will run full speed to the house just to almost knock me over as we hit the door.

AND THEN: if i want him to come inside at ten pm, so I can go to sleep, will he? No. No he will not, because he is a motherfucker.

The kids aren’t here, and its definitely worse when they are not here. Do I have a needy animal? Is this just what people have in their dogs? Is this the way it is? It’s got to be me, right? I’ve done a piss poor job of training?

Is that nervous? or is that love? Do i really just not recognize it? I have no frucking idea.

So. isn’t this a step outside the norm… good lord. I don’t know what to tell you. It must be the heat.

I got my whole to-do list done by 8:30 am. I wish I liked summer more, I really do. I just don’t have whole-house AC guys, and so I am pissy for most of it. I lust for September already.

It is my birthday month now, June. 47 this time! I love my birthday. So, there is that.

Ugh. I apologize that you’ve read this far.

Love you though,


1 thought on “Eddie, the dog.”

  1. Our dog definitely has separation anxiety, but he was a rescue dog and so understandable. We’re hoping that sometime before he dies he’ll become a good dog that’s easier to live with. Sigh.

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