Let’s Get Basic.

It’s time to confess that my relationship with my kitchen table is not platonic. (I am not basic, damnit)

I love it.

(If there was a fire, and my children and animals were safe, and I had a crew of young strong people at my disposal and the fire was unstoppable but at the other end of the building, then I would save this table. -all caveats necessary.)

Its immediately similar to the one I grew up with, but was in fact in the kitchen of my mother-in-law during her young mother-hood. My dog spent his young puppy-hood chewing on the base of it, so it is utterly corrupted from the ‘sell it for money’ point of view.

PLUS. i would never.

I’m going to leave my study right now, to go work at my lover’s lap. (um, wasn’t meant to be so damn sexual, but I’m literally going to bring my laptop into the kitchen now. Gutter-people, gutter.)

So its the basics, here. lightbulbs I bought this morning in a rush that I have figured out I don’t really need. Somehow every lightbulb in the kitchen got knocked loose, and all that flicker is just a matter of a tighter screw. (again. JAYSUS already.)

There’s an alphabet by Russell Maret, which my kids were figuring out today. Its been on the wall for six months or so but today, two of the three were deeply puzzled by a well-wishing new year’s alphabet card without the letters DJT… smirk encouraged.

They got it. Even the 8 year old. I’m definitely successful at the indoctrination of my children.

Money from the busdriver for the eggs I give him weekly. I really should pay him, my kids are so sick of eggs. So sick of eggs.

A baseball schedule, a book someone picks up every three months and leaves on the table so it ‘won’t get lost’.

Scratch tickets for big big money equaling the egg money, easily.

An art project, a pocketbook, waterglass and list of prompts. A joker, an M, a yo-yo and some trouble besides. . . What can you see? What can you find? None of it’s basic, my friends. What’s on Your mind?

Can we just let it lie, that nothing is basic? I’m deeply in love with the ephemera in my life. Would I still pay a lot of money to have someone clean my home? Yes, yes I would.

See? Not BASIC.

I’m laughing and sighing.

Yes, I love love you.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Basic.”

  1. If there was a fire vs. if there were a fire? Do you not use the conditional? Has it gone out of usage now? I remember learning about it in Latin class where it really stuck vs. English class where it didn’t (perhaps because I had already learned about it in Latin?). What happened to the kitchen table you grew up with? I remember it in your maternal grandparents’ house painted a lovely, warm yellowy mustard color. It was in the kitchen next to a large window that looked outside to greenery and peacefulness. Intimate, cozy.

    1. My mom’s kitchen table is one and the same, Judy. They stripped the yellow off back when they were in Dartmouth. I remember Kathy was involved too. At least 35 years ago! Ho boy.

  2. I long for a table like that. My current one is on it’s last legs, really. My husband left two 5 gallon carboys, filled with cider on one end, then was surprised when the left side gave way when he leant on it. It got patched together, and now wobbles when the kids dance on it.

    1. Damn. I love the sound of your family life. Kids dance on the table that wobbles because of a cider accident?! Sign me up!

  3. I really love my kitchen table too. Although I don’t work at it. But I do use it for cutting out patterns because it is so nice and long!

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