The internet is telling me.

Or, what the algorithm thinks I need, want, will buy.

  1. I need a new swimsuit. I do. Curvy gurls all over need suits that are high-waisted, off the shoulder, or possibly one shouldered. Every day, a million ads. One million.
  2. I need to refinance. I do. All I need to do is enter my zipcode and I’ll take advantage of a program Obama set up. A while back it was set up by Trump, but times have changed. Good on those changing the algorithms.
  3. I need solar. I do. and it will be no-cost, because this is America, and that is highly likely.
  4. I need another swimsuit.
  5. I need one of those meal plans, because my kids should eat more than burgers and hot dogs for the next three months, evidently. the heat and i do not work well together for food production. meal plans! food in a box on the porch! insanity!
  6. I need a lot of art for the wall. I do. At least its not the paint-by-numbers anymore. (which, believe me, i coveted for a while) ART! FOR THE WALLS! TO LOOK AT!
  7. I need to assess my changing hormones and take a pill. I do. Maybe a face cream? Or an exercise that they can’t tell me about in the ad because it is so secret?
  8. I need help sleeping, and should take a squishy vitamin. I do. Its pink. How ’bout that?
  9. OOOh. New glasses. With clipons. I need those. I do.
  10. Huh. Go figure. They think I need to cut my caffeine. I do. But I’m sufficiently spooked, and will make another pot of tea that I didn’t buy on the internet. I went to a real store for it. Did I break an algorithm? Where do the algorithms go?


Beautiful day here, outside, off the internets.

Love love,


Beach stone, off the grid.

2 thoughts on “The internet is telling me.”

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