In which I narrow it down.

I can’t say I did this on my own, but hello. I am a woman and probably pretty good at acknowledging that I am here on the heels and shoulders of all of those before me. I’m good with that. I can ask for help, I can do that without feeling diminished, even. (most of the time)

but I’m taking a class in which I am being asked to narrow down my dream, label it, pick it apart and label it again. What do you want? What is absolutely necessary to you? How will you know you’ve succeeded?

This is slightly out of the lock-and-step of how will you pay for things? and, how will you pay for things?

This is the dream before all the practicalities. They come later.

so here is today’s revolution, resolution, discovery, uncovery.

i want to love and to write.

yeah, its pretty much that simple.* so.

what now?

*bear in mind, in loving? unavoidable side effect of being around love, and loving, is that you get some back, in whatever shape it chooses. *in writing? no constraints on the type or practicality of it.

i feel an immense relief in having a baseline. isn’t it funny how just distilling something all the way down to its simplest form, brings you something you knew, and yet had never named?


what now?

unlocking things. the red door at the farm..

This is just a great photo of mine. Because the door is great. I do want you to notice that what looks locked? Isn’t.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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