December submissions

  1. I’m working on draft 8 of a story for someone else. draft 8. i just want you to read that a few more times. my ego is being worn to nothing. i am at the mercy of the learning curve. i submit to the giant alien claw from above, already. i do.
  2. I’m pretty sure my kids are getting unequal gifts (no more ps5!! yay!!) and my littlest is the easiest to buy for and so i haven’t really addressed it yet and covid is on fire everywhere and i really just need to hit target for her. the new gift of the magi? do i get covid just to buy her a cheap chinese toy? more submission.
  3. submission is super sexy in bed, sometimes. in all the directions. don’t read this if you are one of my mom’s friends, or my aunt. 🙂
  4. sigh.
  5. I love the idea of people digging into their own imaginations. A friend told me his wife had no inner dialogue and she concurred. My whole world exploded. How is that even possible?
  6. I am a dementor, here, in isolation. ( I don’t really know where to take that metaphor, as i do not suck happy memories from anyone other than myself) My sister said this following thing and I think its true. I think deeply and feel deeply and often hear no other adult voice for days at a time, so when I do hear a challenge, it is all the more shocking.

Crap guys. I just realized I have to go to the flipping mall. Today’s my only day without kids on my tail. Its noon and I need to go before it gets dark. HAAAAA.

love you. do.


1 thought on “December submissions”

  1. I agree with #3. Also agree with #5. It is mind-blowing to think that some people do not have their volume turned up loud enough on their internal dialogue so they can actually hear it. Scary because then they react to what’s going on internally but without awareness of the content. More concrete people can often be like that. It’s terrible to be harassed by your own internal dialogue but that just signals work to be done to get it under voluntary control.

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