Oh Definitely: a Business Proposition.

The bath was good.

and, i don’t know man. the weight of these days is still here. I’m doing what i need to do, I have a therapy appt, a friend is going to hook me up with weight watchers, and i’m going to spend the day reading. I’m not even going to go get the tomato i need for the tacos. (tomato be damned. kids will eat beans, meat and cheese and be damn happy about it.)

here are some good words :

  1. jump
  2. popcorn
  3. wherewithal
  4. liminal
  5. rainbow (so damn literal and yet hardly.)
  6. burble
  7. knee (the knights that say Ni)
  8. sheep
  9. bologna
  10. marshmallow
  11. luminary

I think i’m a fan of the lumen. clearly.

these are words i jotted while in a class i am still taking in order to be a coach of sorts, to get people to see that they hold their own answers, and can actually figure their own shit out. how bout that? and while i think it is COMPLETELY worthwhile for someone to do this work, i’m embarrassed about it, for me.

because the blue collar in me poo-poos it. and it is so generational, and complex, just that sentence. has to do with my dad, and my utterly ridiculous self-identity as a toughie.

because i’m a total puff. marshmallow indeed. mostly.

partly, that is what is going to make me a great coach, because i love easily and freely. and want the best for all my people. the best of the best.

and how freaking obnoxious is that? is it going on a business card? am i going to frost my hair and wear crystals ?


i’m not in that good of a mood today. but really?

i am the statue of liberty baby. ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… ‘

yeah, i can point your ass in the right direction.

try me.

5 thoughts on “Oh Definitely: a Business Proposition.”

  1. You go girl! Damn straight yeah you! Maybe I could be your first client as I’d love to figure out what’s going on with me. 😊

  2. Where did you get the “blue collar” from? Anyone with a master’s degree and from parents with college educations is not considered blue collar. Did you mean something else?

    1. I refer to my dads background- rural Maine garnish family- I don’t consider myself blue collar but do consider some of the qualities of that family to be blue.

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