Thanksgiving Day 2020

I know we’re all (hopefully) doing something really pared down this year.

It hasn’t changed what is yummy for me, though I am going to miss some cranberry bread and some yeasty rolls that my aunts bring on the weekend after. I will take solace in the three pounds I do not gain, kindof. So here we go. Feel free not to read on if you don’t love the foods. Though I might judge you for it.

  1. Stuffing. Better than all the rest. Scoop it out, toss the bird.
  2. Gravy. MMM. on everything.
  3. My mom makes these mushrooms that she’s doing today, just for the two of us, that are so gluttonous and incredible, I cannot even tell you. This will make up for the three pounds I will not gain on Saturday, because I do not predict leftovers now that I don’t have to be conscious of sharing. By the way, leftovers are enjoyed with poached eggs for breakfast the next day. Its the most heavenly ever. Seriously, saliva is pouring out of my face.
  4. Gingerbread pudding. Yep. I haven’t even tried it yet but I know I’m going to have a hot cup of coffee around 5, with a dollop of gingerbread pudding, maybe with real whipped cream on top. This will crown the day. Don’t need no damn pie.
  5. I’m not a drinker, but I will sip some portuguese port by a fire with my mom today. This will be savored. She’ll bring out the little glasses. Once a year baby.
  6. There will be rainbow carrots from my farm, which I am so pleased about. I love being able to take a gift from one loved one to another. This is the bounty.
  7. I’m in charge of mashed potatoes once the bird comes out all roasty goodness. I add sour cream and butter and garlic salt. You? Its frigging fantastic. The stuffing, the gravy, all adding up to a perfect bite.
  8. There will be black olives on the table. Because of that time I was little, and hiding under the table and managing to eat an entire dish of them. And I still love them. There is so much history in this day. so much. new and old.
  9. I’ve texted my kids already this morning. This is a little bit weird, but I’m thankful its not the first time I’m away from them, because that would not be manageable this year, I don’t think. Though I’ve managed everything so far, so maybe I’d have been fine. But THANKFULLY, I didn’t have to find out. hmm. crisp clear water. yes, I’m thankful for it. Its the best of the palate cleansers.
  10. We went small, clearly, so there are only two cheeses on our appetizer plate and therein lies the three pounds, which I am so happy about. Oh man. I’m drooling already and I’m 10 miles and an hour away from its beginning.

Hoping to watch Singing in the Rain today. We shall see. Love to you all. I’m pretty thankful that I’ve got this forum to share in, and I’m thankful anytime anyone reads it. I really am.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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