What do you love?

  1. Fridays the 13th. My dad’s birthday was July 13th and inevitably there was a Friday the 13th and we always made lots of jokes, and always thought it was good luck.  I’m going down that vein today in blissful optimism.
  2. I love snowfalls. Not so much the cleanup, but the snowfall itself. The most noisy of quiet events.
  3. Oh my god, these kids. Their humor is just out of this world and I am filled to the brim with laughing these days. Every day, at least once, someone cracks me up.  This is idyllic.
  4. I love compliments. I do. Sue me.  Real ones, authentic. The people-pleaser in me is satisfied to fatcat in a sunspot standards by just a little ‘wow, you are pretty’ or ‘you are funny’ or ‘what an interesting idea’ or ‘boy, that was a good steak’. Tiny little things like fireworks in my heart.
  5. I love my bookpiles, even when I’m annoyed by them, I love them. They are tangible potential, tangible escape, improvement of my productivity entire. A mess that is mine, and chockfull of what it is I want to feel in my life. I’m proud of them. I need to remember this more often when I am annoyed by the fact that there is so much clutter. Books are not clutter.
  6. My penmanship. Really. I am taking a course that is all virtual, on life coaching. I feel, yes, like a Saturday Night Live skit, becoming a life coach and all that it means to me about privilege and white lady bs. BUT, speaking of white lady bs, I have very pretty penmanship, and taking a pen to paper so often for the first time in a long time, has been deeply satisfying. Cursive is just beautiful and there is more than one reason why it is a cultural loss that the schools don’t teach it anymore.
  7. Salty broads. I love strong women. Women who are smart enough to distinguish between ‘tell it like it is’ and ‘discernment, common sense, and kindness’. I don’t need a baseball bat to the head to hear the truth, and its okay to hold hands while setting firm boundaries. Give me the salt on my pretzel, man, life is complicated and pretending is an insult to all of us. I want what I want and I like women who know what they want, or at least that they DO want.  I appreciate salt on the roads.
  8. Thai food. I have successfully fooled myself that it is a very healthy choice. I also love Indian food, in particular sag paneer, which, if you detailed it to me, I would never think I would love so much. But I do.
  9. I love hearing my kid sing. His voice is knock-down wildfire.
  10. I love it when a succulent blooms. Its always otherworldly and completely out of nowhere. These long tall miracles.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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