Today my daughter turns 8. A great number.

So, a list of ten, birthday bits.

  1. For my 40th birthday I was given a weekend at a quilting camp. It was a great gift.  Over the weekend we were to assemble a whole quilt. I sewed for four hours the first night and had a migraine for most of the next day, so bad that I did not sew and the ladies were very kind to me. It was all the way in FARAWAY Maine, it was really nice to be alone, I do remember that. Talking to home was hard and sad.
  2. My mom always made me a spiderweb of ropes in the living room, with a prize for each kid attending the party, at the end of a particular strand. I do the same thing for my daughter. It defies easy explanation, but I will be setting it up on Sunday morning. Perhaps I will photograph.
  3. Birthday cake, birthday cake, birthday cake!!
  4. The arrangement of adults on the kid’s birthdays has become freaking traumatic since the divorce. FREAKING TRAUMATIC. I’ve got one in November and one in December. It is a large part of why I hate November and December now. Thanks Obama.
  5. Sprinkles! Cake! Color! Even for the boys, it’s a splash of wild color, I can be free to explore all my primary color needs!! Playdough, superheroes, polka dots. Its all supremely happy-making. (and exclamation points are part of that, clearly)
  6. The teenager hasn’t chosen to have a party for a while. Friends over, chill, no decorations, pizza, etc. It is a supreme let-down for my color-obsession, primary color fantasizing. His happy-making still puts me over the top though. The other one, the about-to-be a teenager has a riot of friends, and they always go to his dad’s for lawlessness and anarchy. I am so happy-made to not be involved in that, so we win! We all win!
  7. I love birthdays. I love everyone’s birthday. It’s a day we single ourselves out to celebrate. Just us! ME! YOU! Stars in the Sky! Shimmer! Spark!
  8. I’ll be making a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting this afternoon. I’m pretty happy about having that in the house. Its not the first cake we’ve had in the house this month. This little one requests cake on the regular. I’m not thin. (this is two about cake, yes.)
  9. Her selection for birthday dinner is steak. Steak and noodles.  Again, happy-making for everyone. The meat has been marinating since Monday. Its almost like its my birthday. Hey, wait now…
  10. I survived all of these births. This is something I was given and something I handled. I am inordinately proud of my survival and of the creatures they (and I) are still becoming.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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