These are writing prompt answers:

upside down and backwards. the prompt was ‘write what you are literally seeing and doing and noticing. 1-10, and 11.

  1. Ha. They thought I meant pee. Like, by choice. I sit here, probably peeing myself right now.
  2. The butter from the toast and its abandonshipratcrumbs are all over my face
  3. I’m broken by trying to plan kidcare for three during my one work-out-of-the-house day. The oldest being left to fend for himself, find his own way to the latest popup practice. And the sleepover I agreed to spontaneously that doesn’t actually fit and my fucking god, why do I do this.
  4. The wire support under the seat cushion has busted under my right butt cheek. I’m tilted . tilting. Windmills. You see?
  5. Everything is coming inside now, the spiders, the mice. Today I have what look like honeybees but seem too big. They want my cheapass sympathy-buy chai.
  6. I bought a backgammon board this morning because the goddamned school has a ‘dress like a storybook’ day instead of Halloween. But they do realize that thye’ve just added a SECOND costume to our lives, right? And so I had to go to the store and be a failure again, because I didn’t find anything. And found a backgammon board, because I think my kids are going to want to play boardgames when the whole world fucking shuts down again because we are a bunch of assholes in this country.
  7. Hope is a heavy weight and ghosts are heavy and all this weight is intolerable. My bones ache and my ass is falling through the chair and good goddamn, I am starved for companionship. Starved. My bones are sticking out.
  8. The cabinet door is open and I see the hopes and dreams dashed all over the half-used container of dates. The quarter full box of sugarcones. Going stale I bet, if not already gone. Sugared pineapple , 7 boxes of mac and cheese.
  9. The dog just ate that bee.
  10. I don’t . it doesn’t feel good. I’m so happy to be writing and I’m so depressed to be writing THIS. Look at my misery and weep. I am. Not even my houseplants are green enough today. The air is golden with fall and decay.
  11. This list is going on and on and on forever and ever.

Its a ten day writing prompt bonanza with Isabel Abbott. If you get a chance, do it. Its giving me a little boost in this time of discontent, fear and questions.

If you’re my friend, don’t worry about me. its a writing prompt and response.


bring it, winter is coming. bring it.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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