Words of Advice for Being Isolated with kids…

Sign them up for something. Don’t make them do anything. Sleep late. Wake them up on time. School them. Unschool them. Make friends with screentime. Make them suffer Monopoly. Sew. Bake bread for the second time in your life. Freak out. Calm down again. Eat something else.

Do feed them. Otherwise, take a deep breath and feel good that you are keeping them in, doing a tremendous act of community compassion and something downright Un-American, sacrificing for the few.

We’re doing the best we can. Be good to yourself, tell your judgemental inner voice to shut the hell up and have a glass of water, or wine, whatever you want. Be yourself and enjoy the hell out of your kids. Pretty soon they’ll be grown and out of the house, and avoiding your phone calls. So just sit down and watch a movie again. It is okay.



*if you must work out of the house, we feel you. all of us. and we love you, too.


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3 thoughts on “Words of Advice for Being Isolated with kids…”

  1. Agreed. As long as we get through this with out killing each other, we’re doing good😊 I could also do with a little less blaming, a little less shaming. We’re here now, so all we can do is go forward. An illness like this also makes me think about how older houses are constructed. The car only rooms with true doors in this house, are the two bathrooms and our bedroom, which is the farthest room away from either bathroom, the bathrooms being side by side. We do have the studio which is cold as a barn, but we could try to fire up the wood stove,tell the sick one to keep the fire going and leave them cut wood out on the back porch, where we would also put their food and they could open the back door and get it. They could stay in there by themselves because the studio has access to one of the bathrooms which can be shut off from the rest of the house by closing the hall door. The sick person if they couldn’t keep warm enough in the studio could either lie in the hall or on the bathroom floor because there is a heat vent in the bathroom. They would have access to the computer, mountains of yarn and books, and art supplies. There is also a phone so they could call the well people if they were lonely. Can you tell I’ve already been worrying about this? Best of Luck, be well, hugs and love

    1. Yes, I’ve got a spot like that in the study… So far so good, nobody there today!

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