i have been laughing so much these past few months. really. for all the grey and the shift and the struggles of winter to let go… i have been laughing. and this weekend of women made me realize how strong my core is getting.  how posture changes with a stronger middle and how i’m standing up a little taller as i walk through the world.

and how much laughter means to me, how it centers me in the world.  how long i’ve been with out it, at times, and how i can’t even imagine that anymore.

and this man is a laugher too, a person with a contagious laugh, that you can’t help following along behind, pied piper like.

and my kids are funny. so smart, so funny. and we all lean towards sparkling eyes.

this is my core. it is good to find these things out. i’m only 44.  what’s next?


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