Share the s**t

ok, so this one sucks. out of all the ones where i talk about poop, or dating strangers or my tastes in sex (heh. no, i haven’t) this is the one i least want to write and its also the stupidest, ever. so, it is glitter-covered shit.  i’m going to ask you to do something.

can you find a post you did like and share it with someone? it doesn’t have to be broadcast on facebook or anything like that, just a tepid share. or a monstrous one is fine too, but we all know that that not all the peoples would want to poke around in here.

and i’m going to drop off the face of the earth just for a little while i hide from a direct light. if sharing happens.

i still don’t intend to sell anything or promote anything beyond what i use and like, etc. (mostly that means friends of mine) … but i do need a wider net to cast.. so i need your help with the warp and weft. to increase the size of the net. and i know you are good for it.

(my ex knows i write this but i don’t promote it in his face because he worries i am going to tarnish his rep, which i won’t, but he doesn’t quite believe that, so if you know him, you do not need to share it with him. if you did, it would be okay. just saying.)

moving on.

so would ya? you might have to browse… here’s some links to good posts, well, ones that i liked…

hearing loss, part one. 🙂

School vacations and dickish children.

and then this one,  Raggedy Bitch

okay,  if you can..go. if you can’t, thats okay too.  i’m going to be in the cellar for the rest of the weekend.

hope all is well guys..






Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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