I’m doing this thing over on instagram as part of a challenge to do something, anything. when its that vague and nebulous, i am all over it.  i did the spirit thing a little bit ago and liked the tiny steps that i took, geisha style, towards incorporating more things that i am fed by, into my life.  i still find them almost daily.

so go look over there. if you feel like it.  its six days of #metaphorme (metaphor me) writing prompts. write or don’t write, its your call. thinking is good too. you see the photo, the word, the suggestion and you dream your metaphors.

i live in metaphors, it is truly how i understand the world. connections, connections. me, the pebble, the ripple.  all. my life to that of a stone. connections.

the first day was #paperflower. the next?  #kernel … i find it a really rich chocolate cocoa.

i do wonder how it is received.

well. hmm.

love to you, hope you are well…

Todays prompt? #sky

a ceiling? a thin veil ? an all-encompassing blue to bath your eyes in ? you tell me.



Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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