Blow by Blow. tantalizing. (no, no, it isn’t.)

sigh. i’m just out of extra vim and vigor. had a week of vague and specific money worries. and a sick kid, monday, wed and thursday. sent her to school on tuesday thinking all was well.  FA! HA! no. so sorry to all we may have infected in my mistake and her longing. so no work was done really, as tuesday was a day of dullard and sleeping for me because i’d been awake for all of sunday and monday.  friday was a half day and i’d promised the boys they could stay home and this is what summer will be like.. the 24 hour a day rush of what to do, how to provide exercise and something more enriching than a screen… it begins to not even make sense anymore, the days blur into one another.

and now i’m on saturday, the kids are here, we’ve gone out to breakfast at the breakfast spot a mile away, we’ve gone to dad’s house and seen his skinny frame in the door to claim soccer cleats left behind, we’ve gone and browsed target, successfully not purchasing anything, and i had all 3 with me.  (not meaning to be blasphemous, but that might actually be the biggest miracle of the Capitalist ages…)

now we are here. we are more than here. we have arrived to fill the time with forts and screens and possibly jelly beans, if i can find where i stashed them.

i’ve got an online circle to check in with at 11 and a soccer game at two.  and a birthday party and another soccer practice this evening. bouncing, a lot of bouncing. and i’m going to bring a book.

thats it. tomorrow sunday we begin anew. baseball and i’m hoping a play. weekends are no joke.

the times in betweens the activities are just as lush as cashmere on a grey dismal day. you just have to remember to dig it out of the sweater box.

blaugh. uwme.


this photo was just so beautiful. i had to.

variety of vegetables
Photo by Ella Olsson on

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