1204181410ai have these cards that i use for inspiration sometimes.  there are two sets. one, i’ve had since high school, literally.  a gift because i knew a girl who’s mom was a medium.

really. its just not all that common, is it?  i really got to know that chrissy much later in life, but she was a friend of a friend several times over and i was cool enough to ‘hang’… 🙂

oh. chrissy.

so. because i knew her a little bit, i hung out in a few cool places and got to see these sweet little cards, called angel cards. ( i think that’s their real name but it might be that i made it up at some point. )


you flip a card and that’s your touchpoint for the day, the week, whatever. your challenge to your brain, your task to ponder ( i use tarot cards the same way, i think) …. and mine has said ‘play’ for the past three weeks. (because i have almost no routine at these things, whatsoever.)

and why? why would i be so resistant to PLAY?  i mean, my soul is a preschool teacher!!?! COME ON.   but i think i don’t want to pick another til i somehow incorporate it into my life in a more substantial way than playing ‘mastermind’ with my sick kid.

what about you? do you have some way to get play into your life? that delight that is in real play?

i actually want to know.

and its not just because that damn card is staring me in the face.

you better comment.

or else. 🙂

yeah, i got nothing.



2 thoughts on “Play”

  1. Haha now I’m scratching my head trying to remember a Chrissy and whether I knew her lol
    But I played Chinese checkers last night, with another grown-up, just cause it was fun. 🙂
    I also have some nights (Board Moms) where I have a few ladies over to eat yummy things, drink, and play board games.
    And I think running and drawing and baking are fun… maybe a grown-up kind of play, IDK

    1. SarahK! I actually think that a games night would be pretty fun. Maybe I should start bringing UNO out on my dates. 🙂 I think there is something to be said for grownup play being ‘different’ and maybe i need to do some more looking into what i think is fun in the first place.
      thanks for reading this, sarah. i mean it.

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