Skipping it.

so, double pink eye . on me, tha mother.

this sucks it.

but i got  some new curtains and i love them.

they are pink velvet .  and they have tassels. because. target.

1206181413my mom is not coming over to take the littlest to dance bc of the contagiousness. so we are going to be skipping it. which will make this littlest SOOOOO  happy and will make me only have one trip out for a child, which makes me SOOOO happy.

the days of darkness have arrived.

any more metaphors out there for me?

my vision is literally clouded.

the ceiling has fallen.

the beaten down yeast has risen again, and been cooked.

what we most fear (being duped) happens to us again and again

the pipes have burst.

the windows to the soul are full of gunk. crud.

pink the color of dawn. pink the color of contagion.


4 thoughts on “Skipping it.”

    1. yes, all of it. the twixts and tweens. vastly different but of the same family as all the adjustments of yours… beautiful. awe-full.

  1. Love the curtains. Do you still have a remedy kit? Argentum Nitricum will clear that pink eye up within a day. We use it every time.

    1. do! had been taking apis and pulsatilla but just popped some arg nit for good measure… fingers crossed…

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