GUYS! i have a little work!!!

Its a job! Its temporary! Its administrative! I’m not allowed to get excited!!

antique art business equipment
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ugh. mofo.

but i am though.  you know i am. i am thrilled to have my brain be engaged in something besides fear and rage. (hollah us government, and, evidently, all mankind.)

so i’m typing and emailing and being asked questions that i have to find out the answers for… its great!  and the house continues to fall apart.  hmm. but work!! and money for it!! and you know, FALL! and leaves and stuff.

socks. sweaters. fires.

i’m going to be 400 pounds in all my glory soon. and this is the truth.  i’ll give a real post tomorrow, i swear, but i was remiss in posting yesterday because I was WORKING!!!

hee hee.



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