In my desire and need to feel more productive in this unemployed period, i have taken the suggestion of my sistah.  My ‘craft’ spot is slowly transforming into a more computer-oriented inspiration and writing spot. A place that i go to type, to work, to feel achieved and working. . .

I’ve still got some changes to make, some things to clean out… but my color is here, the wild potential of projects, the possibility.

I have space to look around, make plans to photograph another sweet little blouse for some friend of mine who wants it… such a sweet little thing… velvet, embroidery! for a teeny one. i can’t believe it ever fit me.  where did i put my boobs?

anyhow. maybe this isn’t the post of my dreams. but its here, in my ‘office’ that I am sitting, working. trying to gather and harvest my tools for the winter.

September is such a transition month.  Moving from such heat to cool nights and sweaters! really makes me need to clean house, to make space for all of the internal use this place will get for the next few months.  I purge. It is time to let go.

what’re you letting go of? where are you making space?

2 thoughts on “WORKSPACE”

  1. Your space looks fab. I was so pleased with myself for having cleaned out 1 drawer of my sewing cabinet to devote to homeschooling supplies. That’s it. All they get is one measly drawer.

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