Not my favorite week.

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This was the week. the littlest was getting on the bus.  the days would stretch before me, after some tears fell slowly down my mothermourning cheeks. . . i would find myself a job, and money would roll my way … because ‘abundance’ y’all.

but instead, the fridge broke and has killed all the food, and made itself a gigantic cesspool of smell.

i am so sad about my loserhood that i am stuck in suck.

i applied for a job and was accepted and threw all my papers at them .  turns out it was a hoax and now i am in a deep credit freeze and good thing i don’t want to apply for any loans or do anything at all, because some asshole is going to take my three dollars away from my money-grubbing hands.

i do not tolerate feeling stupid very well.

stuck in suck.

the fridge. i need to replace the flooring in my hallway as its all in bits and pieces.

someone come be my sugar daddy.

but .not the guy who took my three dollars. asshole.

sigh. and a job.

i’m working on it.

there’s always more…

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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