Fucksake and fingers crossed, February.

I’m disconnected from things right now.

Seeing the end of winter coming, (fingers crossed)

The possibility that I will actually have all three in school tomorrow. (fingers crossed)

I’m hopeful about a couple of things, and castigating myself for the hope. (for fucksake.)

I’m signing up for more classes that will teach me more things. I’m looking forward to that. (fingers crossed)

Today I have to take a test to prove what I know about supportive coaching. (fingers crossed)

Someone far north of me posted pics of daffodil greens poking through the dirt. (fingers crossed and oh my god, i need to go check my yard!)

Taxes. (fucksake)

Covid continues despite my hopes for spring. (fucksake and fingers crossed, both)

I just hit 25K words on a project that has to be over 30 in four days. (fucksake and fingers crossed, again.)

I have just eaten two entire boxes of candy. Now I need a much larger writing break. (FOR FUCKSAKE KATE!)

love love.

fingers crossed,