Two of my kids are psychotically excited that Christmas is almost here.

The third one just wants his merch.

Today is the first day that all three have gone to school confidently in three weeks. I am feeling about 97% okay, with a heavy chest and some coughing still. I definitely feel low-energy and find that I am in need of a rest more often. I don’t really like this feeling.

HOWEVER. tomorrow the kids go to their Dad’s until Christmas eve, which means I have a four-day period to wear my pajamas, wrap presents, count to be sure everything is even and if I need to? Go buy the thing that I forgot. Being out of it for three weeks means there is a lot that is undone. The space and time though? It feels miraculous. And while I am not suggesting divorce as a tool to be the mom at Christmas, it is pretty damn handy.

So, you know, consider it.

It is the almost the only time in the year that I get uninterrupted time, almost. (there are rumors of a ski trip in february) I predict they will get off the bus here one of the days, because their dad usually forgets at least one of the wide-variety of pickup times. (normal, not deadbeat) but i don’t even need to be here at that time, just need to be cautious about what is left out when i go. I can handle that. its second nature, this caution, at christmas, yes?

I will be in heaven. A slow, leisurely preparation time. I’m thinking popcorn and hot chocolate for dinner, maybe breakfast, and I might begin watching Downton Abbey, which I haven’t seen. Maybe I’ll paint my nails. It is almost here.

my tea is almost cool enough to taste.

i am almost patient enough not to burn my tongue.

but honestly, my most pressing question for tomorrow, the first day of my break: How long can a person stay in the bath before the water cools to uncomfortably cold? I plan to test it. I will let you know.

Rock on. Its almost here.

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