Its funny. As I type I think, boy, I should check that I haven’t used that as a post title before. How often do I type some version of Blargh? Pretty often I think. I’m something special, kids, something very special.

(I don’t have the energy to actually look it up, I think I’m just pointing at it and giggling)

I haven’t been tested yet but it makes all the sense in the world that I have covid as well as my two kids, and that my third probably does as well. Just, you know, common sense. Covid has not exactly brought about an enormous upswing in common sense, but you know that already.

It feels a little bit like a completely typical massive headcold for me. I feel stuffy and disconnected from the world. And I can’t feed the chickens and I can’t sell the potatoes. And I’m not allowed out anywhere at all really, and can’t take the kids anywhere either, so I’m just lying on the sofa and moaning. The dog is happy to have us all home again.

Its fine. At this point, december of 2021, this is all old hat. We have done this for a year plus, in terms of school, and I think I’ve surrendered my soul to the morass of the complications involved in covid.

I see nothing to rail against, not just because I am swamped by a stuffy head. I am just not that type, I guess. Schools? Just tell me what to do to get my kids’ back to you. Job? Yes, just tell me. Take the burden of thought and sorting out the many complications, take it.

Everyone has a different rule, and I don’t care what your belief system is, just tell me how to get us back to society, if we can, if it is worth it.


Is it?

brown pomeranian lying on snow
This dog is what my mental acuity looks like right now. Photo by Татьяна Чернышова🍒 on

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