I just did some counting, and it looks like I missed a day. How flipping weird. Now it may be two, I don’t know.

So, there it is, the truth comes out. I’m going to soldier on though, and do what I can to make it solidly to the end of the month. If I’m a little broken, so what? Its where the light gets in, its where the repair makes it stronger, all those things. All of ’em.

I’M IN IT TO WIN IT, goddamnit.

The kids have a half-day today and I just finished my second project and turned it in a day early. I feel like it is time to go wild at the grocery store and buy myself some goddamned ringdings.

But first I am throwing my kid on the mercy of the lady at the supercuts. and i will walk away while he is shorn and all will be well. today is the kind of beautiful day that means I can’t even tolerate typing here, and I’m running off right now to go look at what I have to do to my dahlias. boom boom my friends,

enjoy it,

love love.

close up of dahlia blooming outdoors
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