• don’t forget to read the last line, below the photo. that is where it is at.

    I have a limited time on tuesdays as I run off to haul produce for a few hours and I try to get all the things done before I go. And so there is nothing in my brain to offer here.

the weather is stunning. just stunning. gasp-oriented.

and I feel my heart expanding because I just talked to my bestie and reminded her that she is saving the world every day in her work as a hospital nurse. People need to be reminded that all the nitty gritty and bs is serving a purpose. and things really are moving, they are.

there is nothing but policy in the way of better family treatment in the care of a thirteen year old who is suicidal? All that nitty gritty is for the better care and love of a kid in need. It can be carried.

hate the guy you work with but you are part of a team building a better home? Someone will LIVE there and make memories and share love.

a crop failed and you are worried that you won’t have enough to offer your csa members? You are FEEDING and NOURISHING people with wonderful things, and it is November. And onions store.

the laundry is piling up and someone said your house was cluttered? You are RAISING GOOD HUMANS, in a house full of beauty, and who gives a shit about clutter in the face of THAT.

So there, and thats all I’ve got, really.

  • i’m way behind on my work. that sucks. today is not the day though. talk to me tomorrow. heh.
COLOR! Towels on the line, of mine. Today, November 9, 2021

we are not stuck. we’re just taking care of business.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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