The lilacs are glowing. Gardening gogo.

A gardening ramble.

I wanted to type, ‘the lilacs are on fire’ but i thought you’d get the wrong idea, especially given my morose times of late. They are though, very intense, these lilacs. The light is just reflecting so much uh, lilac, back off of them. They can’t tolerate that much gaze, so it’s coming flashing back. My whole porch is liminally lilac.

I’ll take it.

It’s this before-summer explosion of color and insect and move move move. Under the lilacs are some surprise tulips and I know I never planted them. They are white. White! But there they are, basking in the lilac light. Weirdos.

I’m on hold, waiting to plant my dahlias for another week or so. just get that ground temperature up a little more in the nighttimes and then go. I cannot wait to watch them. I missed my morning water this morning so my plants are parched and they’ll have to wait til the evening. They’ll make it, its just pretty hot today.

AND, my mother came by and gave me a quarter of a bale of straw so i am mulching like a motherfucker. and that makes me happy for the soil around my veggies and my flowers, and THAT will make me happy all summer as I’ll get less depressed by weeds winning all the games. MAN! Soon I get to buy tomato plants!!! AGHGHGHGGHGhh.

There is a delirium that comes with the first summer tomato, sitting warm in your hand.

Carrots are planted! Peas too! Even peppers, and a buncha marigolds and PEAS! Did I say peas?!

I kid you not.

And then there will be the dahlias, my friends. Gird your loins.

close up photography of orange dahlia flower
Dahlia insanity. Photo by photos_by_ginny on

2 thoughts on “The lilacs are glowing. Gardening gogo.”

  1. The garden is amazing this time of year. 2 weeks ago there were just daffodils and little spears emerging and now there are fully budded peonies, yarrow, iris, euphorbia, and even rose buds readying to burst forth. Quite a transformation. And like the Red Sox, we say of the garden, “this year will be great.”

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