Raining white problems, aka Grow the Fuck Up.

Grow up. Accept your responsibility.

Its been raining since yesterday. We had one practice and one game cancelled, and still managed to not be able to eat dinner until 7:30 at night. This makes a mom hangry. Or a person, I suppose.

The teenagers are working my nerves. We’ve entered the arena of when they are late or ill-prepared for their tasks, they take issue with my raised voice and attempt to turn the tables and express blame on/for the ‘irrational’ behavior of the mother.

i get it. i remember doing it. (kind of) but fuck off, mates. fuck off.

you are late. you do not have your kit for practice after school. you have missed the bus and you still are not hustling around to make it to the ‘second chance’ bus appearance.

fuck off mates.

i love you dearly. you are super hero legends in my book.

and i am the eye-rolling director of shield. call me samuel jackson, please. PLEASE?

teddy bear placed on wooden shelf with clothes
Teddy with ‘Fuck off’ tee, Photo by Erik Mclean on

In seriousness, the lack of accountability is critical here. I yell, yes I do, because I am aware that it is no longer my job to get them prepared for school in the morning. I feed them, that IS my job, but the rest? nope.

Is that what it is with the continuation of white supremacy? That all ‘we white people’ just think its a problem with cops? Or with ‘the south’? The complete fucking lack of empathy for the humanity of the black and brown people in our communities? Is that what it is?

Blame goes somewhere else and is not directed inwardly? I mean, point the damn finger at yourself, even if its a selfie. Damn, man. Its us. Its all of us.

Take responsibility for the life you are in, damnit. Its not ‘the people who came before me’. Its not ‘them’. Its you. Its me. Get off your high horse, soap box. Don’t tell me you have black friends, or a black brother. It is not enough. IF you are stuck and don’t know what to do, make a sign. give your money. read a freaking post by a black or brown writer. Listen to what they’re saying.

Don’t be an asshole teenager who blames his mother for his problems.

Grow the fuck up.

1 thought on “Raining white problems, aka Grow the Fuck Up.”

  1. Good luck with the teens. Keep at ’em. Don’t pick up their responsibilities; doesn’t help them down the road. Wearying.

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