Shortest post ever.

Two bips for your bobbin.

Refuse to let your wildness be extinguished by the lure of likeability. -Chani Nicholas

You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. -Mary Oliver

Sigh. I have a huge writing project that is sapping me of my will to live. The depths of my procrastination skill are abyss-oriented. I’m dropping this here in an effort to show how truly gifted I am at said procrastination. So there.

Be wild. Love what you love.

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1 thought on “Shortest post ever.”

  1. Cured my procrastination slowly over time. Each time caught myself procrastinating would reframe that anxiety as energy. Instead of giving in to the procrastination and moving away from the project, I would move toward it and do one small piece and tell myself that that would be enough. So that would get me started, and I would often do more than just the little introductory piece. I would feel better, virtuous, competent, strong. Key was to break down whatever was being avoided into manageable pieces and tell myself to just do the first little piece as above. Did my whole dissertation that way.Would think about it in the back of my mind all day as I worked, did other things. Then around 8 or so at night, I told myself I only had a little time to work, so I’d better get started. So I would do a little piece. That evolved into a routine of working piece by piece from around 8 PM to midnight or so. Then I’d stop with the next piece clearly identified for the next day. Developed confidence over time that this was my method of working. Worked for me but wouldn’t be what everyone would want.

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