Essential work

What is absolutely essential in your life, as it is right now? I am working beyond the life-sustaining needs of food and shelter. IF you need those, this stuff below has to wait.

What is keeping you going?

Believe it or not, coffee only earns you a half point.

here’s mine, coffee included.

  1. coffee. but the caveat is that it must be good. today’s brew was weak and it was my own damn fault. but i will make a second pot momentarily, because I have a new mug (thank you stimulus check) that I will be using. It came from starbucks, which is hokey, but i love love love it, which brings me to my next essential.
  2. love. (no brainer, right?) I think its necessary to have something to pour your love out on. Be it children, grandchildren, cat babies, dog babies, artwork, partners, houseplants, friends, parents, nieces, nephews. Maybe its your work, maybe its the sky-gazing you do at lunch break every day. You must love something. I must love something. I must open myself and pour out, which brings me to my next essential.
  3. love. (no brainer, right?) I must be loved. i know, i know, you argue, but that is not something that can be MADE to be so. And i argue with you, right back. because it is a matter of being open to receiving love. its out there, the plants love and respond to your care, so do the pets. its not just hooey, hong kong fuuey. Its necessary to remove the expectation of what that love is going to look like. I got no man love right now, right? so I have to expand myself to realize how loved I am by my house, my children, my family, my in-laws, the sunlight, the wind. It can be a stretch some days, but its there, you have to reach for it on the better days. (and please god, believe me, i know how hard it can be to remember that you are loved, i do, i really really do. but it is essential, nonetheless.)
  4. warmth. i suppose in general i mean ‘comfort’, but for me in particular it is warmth. but too much? too much is actually bad. the way in which you appreciate comfort is by understanding discomfort. for instance, i need to be cold in order to truly worship the beautiful socks that i will get next winter. I need to recognize the sigh of relief as i put on a hat in the house, because hello heads must be covered! 84%! And I know that comfort in general is a necessity, but in the same way as warmth, too much is too much. Complacency is not the goal. I NEED to be uncomfortable sometimes. And this applies to many many things. one of my big fears lately has been changing the way that i write, my expectations for it. I’m afraid that if I change anything, like plan stuff out, for example, that I will lose everything that I love about it. I NEED to get uncomfortable. I really do. But I am scared. So. I work and wait on something to shift. In the meantime, I put on another sweater. 🙂

I’m stopping with four. Its one of my favorite numbers. What you got?

Tell me. Message me. Share. What is essential to you?

love love,


my mug!! totally essential. Peonies, and the other side has a bull. That handle! Perfect.

2 thoughts on “Essential work”

  1. This week I’m realizing that I need light and sunshine and movement. I have not gone for my daily walk all week because of a plantar fasciitis flare up and waiting for new sneakers to alleviate the situation. I have felt so down and tired and crabby as a result.

    1. It is good to know, at least, what will help. And how amazing that the seasons are changing and you’ll get out so much easier soon. and with new sneakers! which i am sure look super fly. 🙂

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