December Hush

We’re having a nice old snowstorm today, a little light on the storm and quite satisfying on the snow.

Cars are still going down my street so the slight whoosh of cars through the snow is the only modern day sound going on out there.

I called my two boys out absent so they could sleep late and maybe go sledding. My 8 year old girl wanted nothing more than to go login to class, so she’s currently giggling with her teacher online.

My dog is so chill he is currently eating his food while laying down. This, I find remarkable. But he may actually be tired. He is one of those dogs who is literally ecstatic about snow. He’s been asking to go out every 15 minutes, just to play. It is awesome to watch. My kids aren’t even as excited as he is.

I plan on wrapping some things for non-children people and maybe I’ll watch a Christmas movie.

Its so beautiful out there. And its pretty beautiful in here.

(I missed yesterday’s writing, because I had a headache which made me throw up all over my kitchen. Seriously. I had to fast for bloodwork so couldn’t take any medicine or eat food, and whammo. After bloodwork I just sat around with a coffee and ate a bunch of white bread. its my one day a week with no kids and work on the agenda. I was very sad, but could not read or write, just sit still like a dummy, and rally up the energy needed to clean up my own puke. glad i filled you in? oh yes, yes you are.)

but now its beautiful. All my kids are here, the heat is working, the snow is falling. My neighbor came by with a front end loader and cleared the top of my driveway. This is how I know I no longer live in the city. One of the ways.

but now it is beautiful. I am just in love with it. Staring out the window is my spirit animal.

love you guys.


1 thought on “December Hush”

  1. Perfect; you captured it with your beautiful writing. I took the opportunity for a snow day too. Watched an episode of Our Planet with David Attenborough and one on Romania, which I normally wouldn’t normally do. Wrote my holiday letter to a dear friend in New Zealand.
    She’s 85 and still fighting for abortion rights, bless her heart. Seemed magical to send my thoughts with pictures from the year all the way to NZ in mere seconds. Hurrah for snow days!

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