DAY OFF!! Tv and Lipstick

I took my first day off in a month plus of writing.

and I didn’t even like it.

but I did like the day, mostly. It was a pouring heavy day, blustery and dark, pitch black by four. I didn’t do a stitch of work except for cleaning the dishes in the sink and making myself a frozen microwave dinner. (gross, it was gross)

I finished the Supernatural series that I started at the beginning of quarantine. As much as I liked those boys, they never actually got good. I watched fifteen years of them, so I feel like I watched them go through stuff over the years, they got old (my age) and never really learned any acting ways. I didn’t really mind, and I cried a little at the ending. I did. ‘Tis the season.

I went out once, to CVS to buy lipstick. I decided to give it a week of trying to put lipstick on, because, what the hell? time to play with a new kind of costume. I’ve got time. Of course I’ll add a picture. Dude. stop asking.

You wouldn’t know it because you are a reader here, but I haven’t worn any makeup at all for at least a decade, except on my first dates. and even then, its mascara and thats probably all. . . talk about catfishing. but now, I’ve got old lady splinter lips, like, scary cracks and wrinkles and stuff around my lips. (sexy, yes.) I’m not totally sure that anyone notices that kind of thing, unless you are wearing lipstick and are in grey gardens. so its a fear, this thing, i might draw attention to my age rather than my sexy lips, and yes, i tried to watch a google video on what to do about ‘mature’ lips, and basically got ‘chapstick’ as an answer and I don’t really know what to do about that – so I asked a makeup artist friend and she gave me a list of chemicals and stuff that I cannot imagine will last more than a week before I give up again. (see trip to cvs, and lots of wasted money.)

Already, I have wasted your time, and mine and it was all about lipstick.

Happy SUNDAY!!

also, i lied to my weight watchers app. I see this as a sparkling great beginning, full of promise.

4 thoughts on “DAY OFF!! Tv and Lipstick”

  1. The lipstick looks great! My advice is to slather on the heavy duty moisturizer and lip balm before bed and not worry about it. I’m sure the winkles are far less noticable than you think.

    Also, I watched about 10 seasons of Supernatural before stalking out a couple years ago. It’s a fun show… But you are right about the acting. I still likes it though. Maybe I’ll go back and watch the rest of the series (probably not…).

    1. yeah, i’m not sure i can do more of a ‘routine’ than slather, honestly. it appeals to me. 🙂

  2. The lipstick is truly gorgeous, with you underneath it. It really makes you pop! In a good way. I have never heard of Supernatural. I will check it out.

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