what do you avoid?

1.I avoid turning across traffic, or difficult intersections. I’ll drive out of my way just to not have it in my life. I think I’m a genius, and a coward beyond the realm of practicality.

2. I avoid making doctor calls, beyond reason. BEYOND REASON.

3. I avoid solitary dudes on walking paths.

4. I avoid completing lists in a timely fashion, evidently the phone is something I should avoid more often. No joking around. I need to break it, I recognize it fully as an addiction and i’m staring at it next to me, as.i.type. AS I TYPE.

5. I avoid the television until after dinner, even though I am home. There is nothing there for me except baby yoda.

6. I’m wishing for a different prompt already because I find that I’m avoiding the real things I avoid. i avoid vegetables, especially leafy greens, i don’t care how good they are for me. i don’t care.

7. I avoid eye contact with people I think still have the power to hurt me. Sometimes I am really caught off guard. It might be that they begin to see me as prey.

8. I’m avoiding a real relationship, I’m terrified and acting very awkwardly with very nice people. Part of it is that i think i can have a real relationship with absolutely anyone, because I love pretty freely, and now i begin to see the harm in that, looking back. (to me)

9. I avoid notice, all the time, but, you haven’t noticed.  

(that’s just funny.)

  1. Hows this? My computer won’t let me make a ten. I’m avoiding a ten, like nobodies business and the whole gang is getting in on it?

What are you avoiding?

I’m also avoiding the news, for hours at a time, because I am not able to consume the information without great emotional upheaval. And I avoid that. Tomorrow for sure, I’m needing to turn my focus somewhere else, I need to tell you about the details I am surrounded by. I love where I am sitting, where I do my work, what I have to gaze at. I do. Its love.

-what are you avoiding?


Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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