No change. Reality.

So. a learning curve, for me.  more to learn.  Most of the Democrats voting in the country this week are not really looking for a change, beyond getting P.Trump out. Back to reality. I mean, I’m disappointed that the smartest person wasn’t even glanced at. I feel like its a thing, a misogynistic thing, but i’m willing to let it roll off my back.  back to men again. because they have done such a bangup job.

okay. so i learn more.

i’m game. here i am, in the game.

No change in my hearing overnight. waiting until tomorrow when my antibiotic (which may or may not be working) runs out so i can go to the urgent care clinic and ask for more medicine. or different medicine. or something.

Really, most people think that things are fine and understandable as they are. (‘most’ meaning older, already ‘established’, mostly white, straight folk…)  Anything that is too cray-cray, like wiping out predatory but consensual student loans, or healthcare that everyone can access, paid for by taxes… these are things that are just too scary. upheaval, you know, might add risk to the day-to-day. might.

so, fine. i’m deaf and there is not going to be any change. well, fine.

and my way around that? my feeding of the plants that will burrow under the wall of that immobility?

i’m going to figure out how to get insurance to pay for me to see an actual doctor, and i’m going to write more here, and i’m going to make enough money to pay to take my kids on a vacation, even if it is just one night. and i’m going to talk their ears off about money and how it works and how they sure as hell better get a grip on understanding it, because i want them to be able to USE IT, and not be USED BY IT.

because longterm? that wall is fucking coming down.

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