Tids and Bits – writing highlights

I went through one old journal, the one i was using for a current project when I realized its first pages were of two years past. there is little to no chronology in this thing, and its gotten a few pages of work notes thrown in, as well as notes i took while listening to something regarding cybersecurity, so it was a while back now.  (i still can’t look at my old blog. sigh)

and i am here to share.  I highlighted with the marker i had at hand, so the notebook itself has a new layer of color, which makes me happy. 

here we go, favorite to possibly irrelevant… writing highlights…

  1. what a woman is most interested in is INTEGRITY.  (oh man. yes.)
  2. endure. endure. endure. the best and most holiest of words.
  3. hands covered in oil pastel
  4. rattletrap of daily life
  5. expectation has never done me any favors
  6. i’m able to shut off an old memory, in a healthy way, recognizing it for an echo of familiarity rather than a re-hash.
  7. what if i’m not found on the map?
  8. water is not clean, ever. it is a carrier of things.
  9. as beaches go, these are the males of the species.
  10. Mary Oliver: I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and I have no shame.   (god bless god bless)
  11. i was just day to daying and there was nothing beyond the kitchen sink.
  12. the richness I give because of the marrow of my bones.
  13. kitchen sink dreams
  14. fraught with domesticity.

Highlights in Onion - UnwifedMotherExpletive


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