Daisy Crowns

Currently my LM (Loveliest Man)  is in the hospital. He’s okay, likely to be getting out today, not a heart attack but a very mild stroke-like thing.

I have a friend receiving a bone-marrow transplant as I type.

I have two online friends starting chemo this week. two.

another online friend has a child with Leukemia, in treatment currently.

We all need to tie up our strings, or let them fly out behind us in the wind, as we run across the fields we have sown.

saying ‘the world is too much with us’ isn’t enough.  the world is frucking scary right now and I don’t know how to console my children when the amazon is on fire. for profit.

Get your daisy crowns on, make your prayer chains. lie down in the grass. i mean it.

My energy is all about expansion and explosion these days.  Gobs of love and delight are landing like napalm and burning all over the place. Send it.

and pray for us all, in your way. all the time, really. 0817191123a



2 thoughts on “Daisy Crowns”

  1. Well said. I’m exhausted and terrified all the time about everything. (Not just about chemo but that is one more f**king layer, right?)

    1. Oh mellie. You are all over my mind, all the trucking time. Creepy? Maybe. But sending power your way.

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