I forgot to give it a title. That’s where my brain is at.

yesterday i wrote in a hurry, unconsidered. it was almost as if i were still sitting in my car, ready to go to breakfast, and i turned from cancelling a date to the computer. almost like that…. and so, if you didn’t understand it, i am with you.

i have a friend in ‘pastoral care’ who likes to grimace (she’s so beautiful, it doesn’t even bear any relationship to a grimace…its amazing) and say… ‘another fucking growth opportunity’….  and thats how i’m feeling today.

i’m fine, its fine… really.  i just feel impatient with the learning curve i am on, regarding me and alcohol and the ability (or not), that i have regarding it, moving forward.  Grammatically that last sentence was a doozy. and i’m not sure it has any flow. but i can’t look at it anymore.

moving on.

i don’t heavily subscribe to the notion that you must learn a lesson in order to move on… like… complete step 4 of the ladder before you can take step 5.  I’m all nimble on the ladder folks… think mountain goat on a Himalayan.

but this?  i have gone on first dates with nice men who decided to be drunk for that meeting. (like, startlingly drunk.) i have dated for months a man who needed to nap frequently because of alcohol and pot usage, and also was affected physically. (eyebrows) i have browsed a million and a half photos of men holding beers, at bars, on beaches with beers, at bars… with beers. i was turned down for one meeting because i DON’T smoke pot… I had a first date who drank so much he was unable to drive home. (and i liked him anyways…) . . . i’m not even drinking anymore myself, really.  i just can’t stomach it. (literally, as it turns out… me and hangovers are a serious thing, and thats with just one drink.) but also, my kids are seriously freaked out if i have a glass of wine with my spaghetti.

and yes, there is part of me that thinks i am a ‘mark’ for this particular trouble. and so i wonder about the universe and the lesson that i have yet to learn.

what the fuck is it? i mean, seriously.

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i am so bored of this conversation.  SO DONE.

so how do i get out of this loop?  How do i let the freaking universe know that I AM DONE?

2 thoughts on “I forgot to give it a title. That’s where my brain is at.”

    1. Can it really be as simple as this? Expect more. sigh. Now I have a new spin to my wheel… LOVE LOVE LOVE .

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